The Best book on Productivity?

I was never really into books growing up. For some reason or another, I almost always never finished reading a book that I started. Once you've gone through a few episodes like that, you pretty much give up on starting the next one. However, in recent years, I felt the rising need to read as... Continue Reading →

God Of Hope

Here is your song for the week, one of my own. I have always enjoyed the contemporary Christian songs of our time, but my introduction to the hymns however came quite late. Inspired by its rhythmic construction, and the theological depth carried in its lyrics, I took to writing my own first hymn. Here's a... Continue Reading →

River Glad

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God - Psalm 46:4 Psalm 46 is one of my favourite Psalms, and I suppose it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that it is one of your favourites too. "Be still, and know that I am God" is a well-known verse among evangelicals... Continue Reading →

Evolution of the Logo

I asked my wife if she could draw me a tree with a cross shaped trunk, to use for a logo that I was designing for someone else. Although the end result wasn't suiting to my client's taste, it sure was suiting mine. So, that's the backstory for the Gospel Daily Logo. Let me know... Continue Reading →

Demystifying Church

In any society, cultural stereotypes dominate unhealthy churches. Whether it be the seeker-sensitive kind, or the seeker-insensitive kind, when a church forgoes the reasonable meaning of what it means to be a biblical church, she gets sick. We see this around us every day, how some churches try to fit-in culturally by bringing more of... Continue Reading →

What is the Gospel?

A blog called the 'Gospel Daily' wouldn't amount to much if we don't first establish a reasonable understanding of what the Gospel is. The one thing we will not do here in my domain is assume that everybody knows the Gospel. Christians from every denomination say amen to the Gospel, only to fight about everything... Continue Reading →

What happened to the old blog?

Well, I blame, although not entirely, the hosting provider for the previous blog site, which I shall leave unnamed except to say that its encouraging 'go' getter spirit and fondness of calling me 'daddy' isn't all that great when it comes to money matters. As justified as their decision was, to block the site due... Continue Reading →

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